Is Your Life A Do-It-Yourself Project?

Posted on: December 29, 2010 by

We all know life is full of choices. The most powerful choice you have to make is how you view your life. Choice #1: Life happens, you react Choice #2: You are the director of your life
The wonderful thing is that there is no “wrong” choice. Since it’s your life, you decide which is best for you. However, each option produces extremely different results. Perhaps the best approach is not to choose which option you like, but choose the option that has the end result you believe is best for you.

End Result of Life Choice #1 – Unknown
It’s impossible to determine the outcome here. Why? Because you’re letting everyone and everything else determine your life’s outcome. The one constant is that you will spend your life reacting to events around you.
But beware: many who choose this road end up considering themselves a victim of life. It’s easy to spot a Life Choice #1 individual – they are full of excuses and are quick to blame others. Like why they’re late every day to work (“traffic is horrible”), why they have no job (“nobody will hire me”), why they don’t have supportive relationships (“my parents didn’t teach me who to look for”), and in general, why they just can’t seem to get ahead.

End Result of Life Choice #2 – Known
The outcome here is much better defined because you are in charge. Essentially, your life is a movie, full of main characters, supporting casts, dramatic events, and even a few twists in the plot. The exciting part about Life Choice #2 is that you are also the director in your own life. What do directors do? Edit. Review. Revise. Add comedy, love, action – whatever it is that makes the movie best.
It’s easy to spot a person who’s chosen Life Choice #2 – you take responsibility for your actions and accept the consequences, both negative and positive. The end result is that your life is yours.

Who’s Your Life Director?
You…or everyone else? (Remember that not making a choice is not an option – it’s a passive way of picking Life Choice #1 – letting life happen.) Now is the time to actively take control of your life. What path do you choose?

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