Change Part 3

Posted on: 10-08-2011 by Maria

The unfolding of this phenomenon called “change” continues as we stand at the cusp of summer. Are you wondering how many more profound changes await us for the summer months? As if the changes we heard about, experienced and witnessed during spring weren’t enough to rattle us […]

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Beyond the Work-Life Balance

Posted on: 29-12-2010 by Maria

Much has been written about finding a harmonious balance between work and life, and this article does not intend to discredit any of it. It is essential to strike a balance between the professional and personal. True success is multidimensional, and if you focus exclusively on work your personal life suffers, and vice versa. Limiting your perspective of success to the two dimensions of work and personal life can lead to a lack of balance within both professional and personal success. To separate life and work into disparate entities misses the point of true success.

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