Maria and I met about 10 years ago in a gym in Virginia. Ever since, Maria has been there for me for support, listening and guidance. I can’t thank her enough for what she has done for me and how she opened my eyes to so many new things and a new truth. My life has truly changed because of her. I am more balanced, more patient and definitely more grounded. Couldn’t have done it without her. She was always there, she has always been my coach. It didn’t matter what the problem was, some love and relationship issues, job difficulties or problems with friends and family. She always knew, intuitively, what to say and what I needed to hear. She was my shoulder to cry on, no matter how far the distance. I guess I should mention that I’ve been living most of the past 10 years in Germany. So there is quite a distance. But it was only a distance per miles, never at heart.

Maria helped me getting back in the flow of things and letting go of resistance. By that she prepared me for a job interview that I had some questions about. Her coaching had me realize that it is important not being attached to the outcome and to trust your intuition. She inspired me to focus on my goals and not listening to the fear and doubt inside; to trust the universe.

Maria has a great gift to know how to deal with people, how to mentor and coach them, opening their eyes. She knows when to push a subject and when to drop it without ever loosing compassion and patience. I can’t really pick out any single matter that occurred during that time. But I know that without her guidance and the eye-opening I wouldn’t be who I am today. I know I did a lot of work and realizing on my own part. Sometimes you just need somebody to point the way.
Well, what I want to say is that she is a magnificent coach with a deep passion for what she is doing.
K Falz – Munich, Germany 🙂

During a coaching session with Maria I was struggling with some issues and Maria pulled out a video which she thought might be helpful to me. It was about the Meridian Tapping Technique. We watched the video together and then she walked me through some of the exercises. I was immediately intrigued and felt that this was something that could help me, as well as something I could do. She explained to me about the meridian points and energy and about how important it is to truly love and accept myself just as I am and right where I am in life.
I asked Maria many questions and she patiently answered them and explained how and why this could benefit me. It was especially helpful when she told me that it did not matter if I did it perfectly or if I got the words exactly right or not. Just going ahead and trying it and really putting my energy into it was the most important. I knew that was something I could do, and knowing that I didn’t have to do it perfectly gave me the confidence to go ahead and try it. I tried it right away the next day and I was amazed that I was able to do it on my own and at the amount of energy that it released in me! I immediately had to share this with Maria and she was so excited for me! We’ve since talked about the tapping on several different occasions. I continue to use the Meridian Tapping Technique and it is wonderful to be able to share this with Maria and to be able to go to her with any questions that may come up. She is a wonderful coach and guide; and she has taught me several other things as well, such as how to use a “God Jar” and write my concerns down, put them in the jar, and give them to God and then let them go and learn to trust. This is a tough one for me, but it’s proving to be a very valuable lesson.
I see in Maria a wonderful coach, because she does not just talk and tell people things. She talks from experience and actually does these things herself and therefore can understand where someone is coming from. She is also very patient, kind, and loving, and I believe these are all wonderful attributes for a coach. She has helped me so much and I am glad that she will be helping many others as well.
Mary D., Centreville VA

I have had many deeply moving and profound coaching sessions with Maria. She has been a shining light in my life. She provides a safe and yes, fun, learning environment. We do laugh a lot in our sessions and I have learned from her to approach things much more with lightness. Through her gentle questioning and, her listening skills during our coaching conversations, she is able to have me understand (“see”) where I am locked into my own interpretations and stories, which have me stuck and not give me the capability to take any action to move forward. She is almost like a magician who can open up many different ways of looking at a situation. But she does not tell me anything or fix anything. That’s the magic of working with her. I also believe she is definitely a healer. From my work with her, one that comes to mind was when I was having a bunch of back trouble; but there was nothing physically wrong. We spent our whole session discussing possible non-physical causes that may manifest in the lower back physically. As soon as she mentioned that it may have something to do with feeling non-supported…it was like the light went off and bingo….I knew what relationship (adult daughter) may be a culprit. Maria suggested some tools and inspired me to do a daily practice, which could help me release some of my long-standing suppressed feelings and energy. She also worked with me through energy processes. There were many others I could mention also but this one stands out. Maria’s insights have been amazing and she has been a tremendous help.
David F. Rancho Mirage, CA

I had a very long coaching conversation with Maria. During that session Maria was able to listen in, ask questions, make observations, and have me recognize that my reaction (shutting down my listening) to someone asking me questions in rapid succession is possibly based on repeated childhood experiences. She basically was able to “lift the shade” and have me see it through a totally different filter. Becoming aware of that was so gratifying. I so appreciate that awakening.
George D., Portland Maine