Maria Harrison has been a pioneer in the now-booming coaching industry. She has been a Professional Certified Coach since 1996, empowering and inspiring others to evolve in their every-day challenges, their lives, business and work environments. She is a Graduate of and certified as an Ontological Coach by The Newfield Network, is a member of The International Coaching Federation, a Certified Prosperity Guide, and a Reiki Master. Maria received her B.S. from Occidental College and her M.S. from The American University.

Having studied, apprenticed, and been certified by Master Coaches in California, Colorado, and Chile, Maria was honored and privileged to work with Dr. Wilson Araya, MD, a medical intuitive and healer in Chile, who is widely known for his energy work with cancer patients in South and Central America. Together, Dr. Araya and Maria co-authored and conducted workshops on “Self-Knowledge for Self-Healing”. The wisdom she has gained through her education, training, avocations, and especially her life experiences greatly influence how she supports her clients and herself.
Maria founded Tapestry of Life Coaching as a vehicle to carry out her life’s work. Her passion is to support her clients who desire to explore how they can trust their life experiences and where they are going in their lives. All of us ARE living in extraordinary times of relentless, on-going change, and are constantly facing new challenges in virtually every aspect of our lives. This phenomena of CHANGE is everywhere, and our ability to continually learn and adapt is directly connected with our happiness, success and well-being. Yet most of us are very poor observers of ourselves. We do what we do without being aware of our actions and how they contribute to our experiences and results. As Marcel Proust put it: “The true journey of discovery does not consist of searching for new landscapes, but in having ‘new eyes’ ” . Maria says:“You can’t change what you don’t see”. So, the whole point of taking notice is to be more at choice about future actions and future results. “ Learning to learn” may very well be one of the most important life-skills of all, for all of us.

With Maria’s deep caring and coaching support, her clients are able to re-invent themselves in this continuously changing world and make adjustments to being ‘in the flow’ with their lives. Her coaching skills focus on how to work through obstacles to co-create one or multiple solutions, whether it involves a life issue, a career move or a business decision.  Maria specializes in intuiting what people need to do to get out of their own way and attain their highest goals with less effort than thought possible. Within her coaching practice, she uses a combination of philosophy, unique processes, tools, and various energy modalities  to open up new perspectives, or as she likes to call it “lift the shade”, or to ‘see what is disguised by our inherent human blindness”.
Maria’s greatest joy is to see her clients transform and become new observers of themselves and the world around them. With this higher awareness they are able build a new foundation for designing their lives, their relationships, their careers and trusting their life.
Consider this for just one moment:
We are continuously bombarded by information and reality shows talking about our creative potential, and something in you seems to say…..” Yes, that feels so true for me. I know my life could change in just that way…..”. And off you go to “work on it”.
Isn’t this especially true when you are ready to make a major change in your life?
Unfortunately, appreciating and understanding a new philosophy on an intellectual level is different and easier than being able to live it on a daily basis. You’ll encounter challenges, feel confused, and seem to be surrounded by people who do not understand what you are struggling with and what you are going through. You get discouraged and feel depressed.
Often it is at exactly this point that you discover a deep yearning to connect with someone who has successfully walked this path you are on, someone who is inspired and passionate about sharing her experiences and learnings on that journey.

So, if you have not been able to get beyond the intellectual understanding of the change you want to create in your life, and you find yourself intrigued about what might be possible to create for yourself, I invite you to contact me to schedule an exploratory conversation to determine if you can benefit from personal one-on-one coaching with me.  Together we will explore your vision for your life, what is holding you back, and how together we can bridge the gap between where you are now and where you desire to be. A quote from Eric Hoffer says it all: “In times of change, those who are prepared to learn will inherit the land, while those who think they already know, will find themselves wonderfully equipped to face a world that no longer exist”.