Emotional Freedom Technique ~ ~ EFT Meridian Tapping

EFT is an exciting, simple, yet powerful type of energy medicine. It’s based on the discovery that imbalances in the body’s energy system have an effect on one’s psychology ~

EFT Incorporates:

Acupressure + Affirmations + Tapping on certain Meridian Points

In Other Words – It’s:

Acupuncture Without NEEDLES

EFT can also help free you of the emotional issues holding you back from living the kind of life you desire.

In this workshop you’ll learn: the meridian points, how to make an energy assessment, the best wording to get results, plus body dialoging ~ an important aspect because as you connect with the parts of your body holding your stress & pain. Your body will reveal what it needs.

You’re invited to experience EFT for yourself……AND

Learn to use EFT on yourself and others. It’s Simple Fast and effective!

EFT is very affordable, a 1/2 hour session is only $40, one hour session is discounted to $70

Session Lengths

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